Winning and Losing are the Results of Our Habits

Have you ever noticed that when things go well in your life, it is usually a result of the momentum of investments you made over time? This is true in the world of athletics, business, spiritual life, marriage and friendships. I am finding that the more attention I give to small and consistent changes in my […]

How Thankfulness Literally Changes Your Brain

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a Christian cognitive neuroscientist that has made discoveries that can literally change the composition of your brain and the quality of your life. In her book Who Shut Off My Brain? she explains how our thoughts and attitudes literally change the landscape of our brain. She says that negative thoughts and negative interpretations […]

Pain or Gain? 7 Steps To Making Transitions Positive

This week I had the opportunity to do lunch with a ‘transition guru’ in Ottawa. Glenn Taylor has been helping people and organizations navigate the turbulent waters of vocational transition longer than I have been alive! He knows that stress, periods of questioning and a sense of loss often accompanies a period of change. When […]

Story-based Visioning: Tapping Into Your Deepest Passions and Callings

I had an AHA! moment when I was considering (with some trepidation) how I could best use my time with a group of amazing leaders. I wanted to help them find another gear as an organization. They were a vibrant international church in the heart of Winnipeg that had the audacious habit of asking Jesus […]

Making Better Leaders: Mastering the 6 Stages of Leadership Development

If you want to learn something- learn from the best. The Apostle Paul was one of the greatest developer of leaders of all time. In his lifetime he raised up hundreds of leaders that would be key to the global spread of the message of Christ.  When we are not getting leadership development ‘right’, we […]

The Power of Composure

I have been thinking a lot lately about how the quality of my life and the lives of others around me hinge on the the ‘composure factor’.  Have you ever regretted moments when you have reacted hastily in your personal, family and vocational life?  Here are some common triggers that cause us to lose our composure: The boss […]