Put the Ball in the Right Hands

Leading at home, in the workplace or in your community organization can be stressful at times.  This is due in part to the fact that those who are willing to lead find that greater responsibility tends to come their way.  As a result, our ‘capacity’ needs to be increased or we are strained under the burden of leadership.

One of the most critical ‘capacities’ that needs to be increased is that of “putting the ball in the right hands”.  Most of us get thrust into positions of leadership because we are ‘doers’.  People learn that if they want something done they can send it our way.  Unfortunately if you stay in ‘doer’ mode you are limited to what only you can do because you have finite time and energy to work with.

In order to be a more effective leader (and to keep my sanity!), I am learning to thing of myself as a quarterback.  A good quarterback doesn’t run the ball every time- they learn to distribute the ball to as many other gifted players as possible.  The sharpest quarterbacks learn the genius of understanding which player can take the ball the furthest at that particular time in the game- thus keeping the defence on their heals!

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Here are some things I am learning about putting the ball in the right hands:

  1. Delegating:  As we renovate our century-old home I will continue to do some of the projects, but I am also taking advantage of other options: hiring a contractor, having an experienced friend over to help, teaching my sons to take on aspects of projects or inviting a large group of friends over for a ‘paint the house party’ (I’ve yet to try that one- but I’m sure it would be a bonding moment!).
  2. Reinforcing:  As I launch new business and ministry initiatives I am learning to hire or seek help in areas that I am not highly competent or efficient with my time (i.e.- technical support, web design, book cover design, booking agent).
  3. Limiting:  Putting the ball in the right hands also means that I will not take on responsibilities that I am not passionate about at this season in life- I will leave that for someone else who cares about that project and has the corresponding competencies.
  4. Identifying & Resourcing: Finally, I am increasingly on the lookout for people who share my vision and are highly capable, but yet are not released into areas where they can have greater influence and fulfillment.  There are people on the sidelines that will shine if we create space for them to run and resource them.

Question: How you have increased your capacity by putting the ball in the right hands? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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