Entitlement Culture

One of the dark sides of an affluent society is that ‘entitlement’ becomes rampant.  You see evidences of it in schools, families and the workplace.  Entitlement is carrying an expectation that you will do what I want you to do without me having to invest time, energy, effort or love.  It is seen in:

  • the child that lives in a world of digital stimulation but refuses to help with chores,
  • the employee who demands more responsibility because, well, he has been there a long time,
  • the college student who blames their lack of education on their instructors rather than applying themselves,
  • the parishioner who enjoys any song- as long as it is their favourite,
  • and the spouse who rages at the suggestion that her husband may also have needs.

                         Photo credit: Ian Sane / Foter / CC BY

If we are honest, we will admit that we all have a degree of entitlement in us, but we know that no individual, family or organization with thrive or be sustainable if entitlement reigns.

Here are a few ways to keep entitlement in check in your organization:

  1. Teach and model positive qualities such as teachability, conscientiousness, perseverance and thoroughness.
  2. Help people understand that they need to ‘respect the process’- most of what we want in life takes a greater deal of time and effort than we originally surmise.
  3. Reward and recognize those who seek to contribute the shared vision rather than pushing their private agenda.
  4. Recognize and deal with unprofitable attitudes in yourself when they arise.
  5. Address less than stellar attitudes in others when they become apparent.

Question: What do you feel has caused the ‘entitlement culture’ and what are you doing to counteract it’s effects?? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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