Standing On Their Shoulders

Last week I had the incredible opportunity to speak at an event in my hometown.  I was delighted when two of my great aunts walked in unannounced- one in her 80’s and one in her 90’s!  I reminisced with them about how much ease there is in my life compared to my great-grandfather (their father).  Grandpa Parkman was the first of our clan to move West and to carve out a future for generations to come.  Homesteading meant clearing trees, living off the land and raising his family in harsh conditions- not the least of which was the reality of sending one of his sons to WWII.

I am reminded that I stand on his shoulders today.

Our generation is transfixed with the present and shows very little appreciation and honour for those who have gone before us.  Much of what we have in our hands today came as a result of the love, sacrifice and tenacity of others, such as:

  • vast economic opportunity
  • valuable social and community ties
  • opportunities to pursue spiritual truth without fear of violence
  • political freedoms
  • family values

Chaval Brasil / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

Here are some ways we can express honour and appreciation to leaders that have gone before us:

  1. Continue to live out the values that they sacrificed so much for.
  2. Thank a parent, coach, pastor or mentor that has meant a lot to you.
  3. Live in such a way that you pass on an outstanding legacy to others.

Question: Take a moment and share a story about a person on whose shoulders you now stand! You can leave a comment by clicking here.


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