Where Is A Leader To Go?

Where are leaders to go?  The pressures on today’s leader are immense, but unfortunately most leaders (and the organizational structures in which they work) do not have adequate support .  Every leader needs:

  • trusted mentors who walk with them through thorny issues
  • strategic thinkers who guide them through the process of vision formation and execution
  • safe people with whom they can share organizational challenges
  • fellow travellers who care for their personal & spiritual health and well-being
  • experienced guides who can help them equip and direct their leadership teams

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Without these in place, leaders are bound to experience frustration, burnout and loss of vision.  Where do you go when you need support?  I have experienced firsthand the power of mentoring relationships- and I hope you have as well.

In order to support leaders, I am launching a coaching and consulting service- coaching to support leaders one-on-one and consulting to provide sessions for the movement of leadership teams towards shared organizational objectives.  If I you have an inquiry or if I can be of service in any way please contact me at robparkman [at] live [dot] ca.

Question: What have you seen that is effective in sustaining leadership vision, moral and passion? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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