What Energizes You?

This week I am lecturing at Eston College.  Although 8-hour teaching days can be exhausting, it has been an invigorating experience because of the student’s keenness to learn!  Life brings many influences upon us that sap our energy and leave us feeling depleted, but we can all find ways to be re-energized and renewed.

Thomas Hawk / Foter / CC BY-NC

The following have been ‘energizing influences’ in my life that renew me personally and in my calling/vocation:

  • Having input into the lives of people who are teachable
  • Spending time in the presence of God
  • Relaxing in the company of good friends
  • Devouring an inspiring book
  • Being with people who speak words of truth and life
  • Enjoying laughter with others
  • Taking in the beauty of God’s creation
  • Playing hockey (I am Canadian!)

Question: What are you doing regularly to ensure that your levels of energy are sustained? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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