You Are Capable and Love-able!

She was the best kindergarten teacher in world history. Engaging. Bright. Deeply spiritual. Legendary. We first met her when we were considering whether or not to send our boys to a certain private school. We saw her standing at the door of her classroom in the morning to acknowledge and hug each child- and to converse pleasantly with each tentative parent that was dropping off their darling five-year-old. Each child was engaged with enthusiasm and warmth.

We were hooked. This is the type of person we wanted our children to be around!

Her constant message to all of the children who are blessed to call her ‘teacher’?


Every activity of each day communicated to the child that they mattered, that they were made in the image of God, that they were treasured, that they had been blessed with unique personalities and abilities.  As you can imagine, our boys thrived!

In order to thrive every human being needs this kind of positive reinforcement- this washing in truth- in order to to enjoy a contented, productive and joyous life. If we see ourselves as God sees us we flourish in life and we become a delight to be around.

However, in spite of the best intentions of people around us (and because of less than honourable actions towards us),  we all struggle at times with a skewed self-image.

We wonder if we are capable and love-able.

When you do not believe you have value, terrible things happen:

  • You engage in behaviour that damages and demeans you
  • You allow others to mistreat and undervalue you
  • You don’t reach each day for the best in life that God wants you to enjoy
  • You lack the confidence to be able to offer your strength to others
  • You wish you were someone else and you struggle with envy
  • You lead from a place of insecurity

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It doesn’t have to be this way.  Each day you can reinforce the truth about what God says about your value- and you can live and lead out of that centre.

Here are some ways that you can reinforce the truth and dispel the lies about who you are:

  1. Take in large doses of truth– Absorb what God says about you in the Bible.  Speak the truths out loud. Expose yourself to music, books, blogs and other mediums that reinforce Biblical truth. Have your mind renewed.
  2. Be mindful of your environment– Pay attention to the factors and the people in your environment that either affirm or detract from your value.  You want their ‘net’ influence in your life to be positive.
  3. Practice intentional thankfulness– Keep a thankfulness journal and daily rehearse the things in your life that are going right, the ways that God’s goodness is being revealed to you and the affirmations you receive of your worth in God’s eyes.
  4. Resist shallow cultural norms– You are capable and love-able even if you are not a famous billionaire super-star model (they are photoshopped anyways)!  Also, be attentive to local cultural norms that needlessly make you feel less valuable.

Remember- You are capable and love-able!

Question: Are there other ways that you have been able to gain a right perspective on your identity? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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