How To Add PUNCH To Your Vision

Between your vision statement and its fulfillment stands one thing- MOTIVATION.

Your organization may have a vision statement on the wall, but to what degree to people in the organization live and die to see the vision accomplished? Are they working in a job or in an area of passion?

You may have a great personal mission statement, but do you get out of bed each day ready to attack your vision?

Those that go the highest with their vision do so because they tap into their deepest purpose in life- the ‘Why‘ that is more powerful than obstacles, critics, or challenges.

But how do you tap into this gut-level motivation?

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In working with leaders I have found that the best way is to walk them through a simple three-step ‘story-based visioning‘ process. Here’s how it works:

  1. Statement- If you have not already done so, write out a personal mission statement (for more guidance on writing this sign up to receive my free e-book to the right) and/or review your organization’s mission statement.
  2. StoryImagine that it is two years from now and you are telling a friend about the exciting things that you have seen God do in and through you in carrying out your personal/organization vision.  Write down the story or testimony of what you most want to happen.  What results/outcomes would give you the greatest delight?
  3. Strategy– Develop your strategy/action steps for the next two years from the basis of the story that you most want to be telling two years from now.  What kind of commitment with this take? What are the implications for your budget/time allotment? What communication needs to take place?

There is something about this process that helps people get to what they truly desire in their hearts and feel called to do.  The power of story by-passes all of the answers people give when they feel the expectation to give the ‘right’ answer.

When people share their stories with others on the leadership team I often see them:

  • shed a tear because they are connecting to what is most important to them
  • brim with confidence because they know they are tapping into the reason they are created
  • exclaim that they are reconnecting to their first love and their life purpose
  • focus intensely on important matters and jettison less important priorities

Go ahead and try ‘story-based visioning‘- and if there is any way that I can help you or your organization in the process you can contact me at robparkman [at] live [dot] ca!

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