Chocolate Is My Kryptonite

‘Tis the season when northerners enjoy big meals and book all-inclusive vacation packages. Having just returned home from indulging in heaps of food at a sunny resort, I am feeling the need to step-up my healthy living program!

However, negative motivation (i.e.- my expanding waistline) never has lasting power.  What we need in order to have enduring drive is an image of a desired future- a worthy goal that helps us make wise choices on a consistent basis. 

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I know that I will struggle at times with consistency (chocolate is my kryptonite), but I also know for certain that I will always return to these life-long motivating reasons to make healthy choices. Note that these reasons are stated in positive language that adds to the image of where I am headed:

  1. Longevity– I make healthy choices so that I can give my best energies to what God has called me to for as long as possible.
  2. Energy– I get off the couch so that I feel energized and alive.
  3. Example– I make my way to the exercise room so that my boys have a model of an active lifestyle.
  4. Clarity– I monitor what I put into my body so that my mental faculties and decision making abilities are sharpened.
  5. Enjoyment– I put effort into injury recovery so that I can continue to draw enjoyment from sports and activities that add colour to my life.

I am not talking about New Year’s resolutions here! Find your enduring motivations for healthy choices and enjoy life to the fullest!

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