7 Proven Ways To Get “Unstuck”

There once was a baby elephant that was captured from the wild. Its captors chained it to a stake in the ground. The elephant longed to be free. Each day the elephant pulled and strained against the chain. When it could not break free the young elephant resigned itself to its seeming fate: lifelong captivity. Never would it be king of the plains. The chains were too strong.

The elephant grew into adulthood, but it did not know what its captors knew- that at any time it could have gone free. As the elephant grew the captors did not increase the size of the stake in the ground or the chain. You see, the captors knew that they had taken from the elephant its belief in its own strength. The elephant was powerful- and it could be free- but it passed its life in subjection and humiliation.

Do you feel stuck in a work situation that is stiffling and draining? Are you not progressing in your personal finances the way you need to? Are you hungry to connect with God but struggling to find your way forward? You CAN be free.

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Tired of being stuck? Follow these 7 proven ways to realize the power you need to get ‘unstuck’:

  1. Change your mindset– When we haven’t reached our potential there is usually a measure of faulty thinking that says “I can’t achieve that” or “I don’t deserve that”. Believe that God is good and his plans for you are good.
  2. Change your inputs– Are the things you are listening to, watching and reading propelling you towards a better future or inhibiting you? Is it building your faith or tearing it down?
  3. Change your company– Are the people in your inner circle those who are still stuck or those who have found paths to greater freedom and blessing? Gather friends and mentors around you who will call out the best in you.
  4. Change your reactions– When you experience a setback do not think “This will be the end of my dreams”. Rather, say “I will learn from this, leverage this, and watch how God ultimately uses this for my good”.
  5. Change your goals– Do not be afraid to raise your expectations of the good that you can accomplish in the world with the resources you have been provided with. You go only as high as you aim. Bring your goals to God in prayer.
  6. Change your practices– Each day you must sow into the type of life you desire so that you can harvest in the future. Build into your routine the practices you will need to achieve more freedom (i.e.- networking, researching, investing, submitting proposals, etc.).
  7. Change your countenance– Smile! It will do your soul good and provide you the lift you need when the going gets tough. Also, people will tend to be more eager to work and partner with you!

And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up- Gal. 6:9

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