EVERYTHING Hinges On The Health Of The Leader

Rob Ford- another reminder that much is at stake when leaders are not healthy. Not only is their personal well-being is threatened- their organization is also placed in a precarious position.

We should not expect leaders to be perfect, but we should expect leaders to be moving towards wholeness and health in each area of their lives. Leaders who are seeking wholeness relationally, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually will not risk seeing all they have worked so hard for crumble to the ground.

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Here are 3 principles of personal leadership that I stress when developing and coaching leaders:

  1. Take Care Of Business- Unresolved issues from the leader’s family of origin and/or traumatic events leave them vulnerable to drivenness, isolation and addictive behaviour- thus inhibiting their ability to make sound decisions. Get the help and support you need before personal issues become public.
  2. Be Teachable– When confronted with truth, opt for openness and willingness to change rather than obstinance and denial. Be alert to warning signals that you have blind spots- particularly from those who care about you and your success.
  3. Fill Your Bucket– Demands on a leader have a draining influence, so it is critical to have a personal replenishment strategy for filling up your ‘bucket’ with healthy activities that renew you and bring you life (i.e.- adequate rest, good company, prayer).

Remember- leadership flows out of who you are.

God is for you– and I’m cheering you on as well!

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