Sneak Preview From My New Book- “It Is Well With My Soul”

This summer my new book It Is Well With My Soul-  Proven Ways to Get Replenished and Stay Healthy For the Long Haul will be released!  I’m excited to get some of the content of my live presentations into the hands of many people that need practical ways to keep their buckets full. Here’s a sneak peak from the introduction…

Imagine that we are sitting down for a coffee (no, neither of us have froth on our upper lips).  I’m sitting across from you and asking, “If you were honest, how full would you say your emotional tank is right now?  Have you been remembering to refuel?”  How would you answer?  You probably know what it is like to walk around sometimes with your tank on ‘empty’.

Sadly, we often don’t realize that we are depleted until the tank gets low.  You find yourself:

  • expressing anger out of proportion to the circumstances
  • losing interest in activities that used to bring you joy
  • struggling to maintain a sense of hope and optimism
  • having difficulty feeling motivated
  • feeling fatigued and burnt out
  • withdrawing and isolating yourself
  • turning to activities you know you will regret later


Your ‘low fuel’ lights have been flashing for a while- but you tend to push on.  Few of us want to admit that we are feeling spiritually, mentally and/or physically depleted.

If you are in denial– and most high achievers are- I want to awaken you to the dangers of not caring for your soul.

If you are feeling drained– and most leaders are- I want to show you how you can and will be replenished.

If you are not sure how you got to this point– I want to help you understand what drains you and what to do about it.

If you feel alone in the journey- and many of us do- I want to introduce you to flesh and blood characters in the Bible who felt what you feel.

If you are feeling like there is little hope of feeling better– I want to imprint on your mind the promises of God that you will be restored.

If you are not sure where to go from here– I want to help you design your own custom plan for renewal that is based on what ‘fills your tank’.

Watch for details about coming book launch offers that will be available this summer!

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