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Fransisco is one of our sponsored children. You would love him! We had a chance to meet him and some of his family members this year in the Dominican Republic. Fransisco is a sporty guy with lots of energy and a lot of friends and a lot of potential. He also happens to live in a fatherless home in a poor neighbourhood- and he suffers from sickle cell anemia.

Sponsorship through Compassion provides the following for children like Fransisco: health education, food, medical attention, discipleship, encouragement, tutoring.Most importantly, children like Fransisco get the love, empowerment and tools they need to be released from poverty and become leaders in their community and their church.

We were so excited to have a day with Fransisco and learn about his life. We were happy because we knew that Compassion is in the top 1% of charities for financial integrity and that the entire focus of their work is holistic child development. We now know that he will be well taken care of!


Sponsor a child today through Compassion for just $41/month and expand your legacy!

Go to www.compassion.ca/ambassador/robparkman to select a child to sponsor online.

God bless!


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