Winning and Losing are the Results of Our Habits

Have you ever noticed that when things go well in your life, it is usually a result of the momentum of investments you made over time? This is true in the world of athletics, business, spiritual life, marriage and friendships. I am finding that the more attention I give to small and consistent changes in my life, the more the trajectory of my life changes for the better!

Here are 6 positive habits/pracitises that will put more wins in your ‘win column’, both in your personal life and in your organization (adapted from “Everyone’s a Coach” by former NFL coach Don Shula and leadership expert Ken Blanchard):

  1. Focus Your Energy– Every moment, activity, system and procedure needs to be aligned with your vision. Only then will they lead you to the desired destination. Achievement is the result of skill minus interference. Sloppiness is a habit and winning is the by-product of hard work. Do what others are not willing to do and you will enjoy benefits that others will not enjoy. Direct your energies towards options that have the highest probability of success.
  2. Be Led By Your Convictions– Spend time on initiatives that matter the most to you. You will be more motivated and you will find that people are more likely to get excited about what you are excited about. When others want you to compromise your convictions, choose to value gaining respect and doing the right thing more than popularity.
  3. Practice Patience– Patience is the energized belief that things will eventually go your way. Exercise your faith and choose a positive outlook. I once heard of men quitting a Grand Canyon river expedition because it was too hard. It was later discovered that they had quit when their destination was within reach. Keep going!
  4. Build Your Capacity to Rebound– Learn what you can from mistakes but be quick to transition into preparing for the next ‘game’. Do not get stuck in blame and negative release. Failure is successfully finding out what you don’t want to repeat! Develop mental toughness so you can function regardless of how you are feeling. Rather than focusing on the past, develop a solution-orientation.
  5. Do Not Let Success Lull You– Have you ever heard someone talking about ‘the glory days’? They peaked early and tried to coast the rest of their lives on the fumes of their past success, rather than repeating the pattern of winning for the rest of their lives, in every area of their lives. Focus on the habits that will allow you to continue to make progress.
  6. Surround Yourself With the Best Players– Good attitudes and bad attitudes are contagious. The best predictor of good character and high motivation levels is past behaviour. You will only go as far at the people around you help you to go.

Question: Let us know what habits have served you well! You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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