Keys to a FORMIDABLE Life- with guest Sean McCauley PTS


I just walked out of my Sport Therapist’s clinic, Dr. Alim Kara, BSc, DC ( After an intelligent ‘poking’ and ‘prodding’, ‘twisting’ and ‘cracking’, I walked out free moving, pain free and ready for action. I’ve seen quite the number of physicians, specialists and neuro specialists over the last 4+ years. I can not over state the value these adds to my life. Without a healthy and strong body, my life is handicapped, and I am unable to function at my highest level. He is an expert. And I’m grateful.

I used to live a handicapped life as the norm. I used to live a life that was based on getting away with as little as possible, for as little as possible with the most recognition as possible. I wanted to be valued and respected based on my intentions. My life was of little consequence.

I boasted in my poverty and had suspicion for those who were had more than me.

I used to boast in my ability to live on nothing. “I could live in a van if I needed to”, I would proclaim. “I don’t need much!” “I don’t need to prove anything to anyone!” I believed it to be ‘unbiblical’ to be great or famous or the best at something.

But what about my wife and daughters? What do they need? What about my friends, and community? What about my generation and future generations who will look back on my days here on earth, reaping what I sowed?! What will they say of my investment into their lives?

What kind of impression will my life have left on the McCauleys, my circles of friends (insert names and faces), Calgary, Canada… the generations?



  1. a strong effect produced on the intellect, feelings, or senses.
  2. a mark produced by pressure.
  3. an image in the mind caused by something external to it.
  4. the act of impressing or the state of being impressed.[1]

God was feared/respected for his FORMIDABILITY.

God was feared back in the day because He was recognized as The God of His Word. What He said, He did. But it was more than just what He said, it is what He said. He spoke greatness!

He created worlds with His words. His dreams, thoughts, meditations became words which then enacted His will upon the natural. His relationship with everything created was and is one of dominion. He leaves a vivid impression of life/health, love, hope and peace.

 He is extremely impressive in strength and excellence. And we are created with the purpose of making a strong and vivid impression on His behalf.

 “We are Masters of all life”

This dominion was passed unto His sons and daughters. We are meant to be “master all life”. To be the head, not the tail. To represent Him, our God and Father, in all His Glory.

 “Then God said, “Let us make people in our image, to be like ourselves. They will be masters over all life .” [2]

TheHuman Impression

Humanity, when whole/united in Jesus, is the glory of God, not just a reflection of, but actually an actual impression of God Himself, on the mind, will, emotions, spirit and flesh of man kind and on all matter of creation. He is expressing His nature through mankind, onto mankind and everything created. We are purposed to be His vivid impression; we are His fingerprints all over creation.

We are a ‘weighty’ FORMIDABLE people; a people of consequence. We leave an immense and vivid impression on the lives of those we touch and the world we exist in.



  1. formidable – extremely impressive in strength or excellence; “a formidable opponent”;
  2. impressive – making a strong or vivid impression”[3]

Choosing to be anything less than great is a deeply selfish way to exist. It is a subtle malice; a low opinion and value of the world around me. “I don’t care enough about any of you to be of any substantial value to you.”

Today, I look for those who are experts in their field, and I want to honour their commitment and passion for developing their ‘art’. Men and women who make my life greater with their substance.

Today, I fight, work, and passionately discipline my body, mind and spirit to be great.

 “Work hard so you can present yourself to God and receive his approval. Be a good worker, one who does not need to be ashamed…. “[4]

I desire to leave a vivid impression of the eternal kingdom of God on the world in every context I find myself in. To be anything less than formidable is to devalue my God, myself and you. I vow to increasingly be a man who puts the highest value life. I give myself to the development of a formidable people.

Next week we’ll explore the “Keys and Pathway to a Formidable Life”…


Sean McCauley PTS

MMA Conditioning Coach and Instructor

urbanfit [at] shaw [dot] ca





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