From Devastation to Destiny- Guest Blog by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Have you ever asked the question “If God really loves me, why would he let me face such a terrible onslaught of disaster?” It’s hard to understand suffering…why it happens, why God doesn’t stop it, why He allows what we know He could end in a moment.
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There is a profound truth I have recently come to deeply appreciate about suffering. When I was 11 years old I broke my arm and could have been killed after a ski-doo accident up north in Tuktoyaktuk. My arm was set at the medical clinic but healed incorrectly. It would have been debilitating to leave it in that state and so three weeks later, it had to be re-broken in the hospital in Inuvik and aligned properly. It was one of the most physically painful experiences of my life and I could not move my index finger for months afterward. We thought I may never have full use of my hand. However, because my arm was wounded and broken again, it eventually healed completely and correctly. I bare the scar on my arm to this day, but my hand is fully functional.

In the same way, in our life’s journey, there are wounds that do not heal properly and they need to be restored by the Great Physician. Part of the mending may involve a re-breaking of that same area so that in the end we come out whole and ready for great use. Hosea 6:1 says, “Come and let us return to the Lord, for He has torn so that He may heal us; He has stricken so that He may bind us up.” Sometimes God allows a painful, unexpected tearing so that the healing is perfected in us. If you love to study the Word of God, I urge you to read Isaiah 38:15-20, but in this short time, I want to highlight verse 15, which says, “But what can I say? He has spoken to me, and he himself has done this. I will walk humbly all my years, because of this anguish of my soul.” Humility is one of the beautiful byproducts of suffering and it pleases God. In verse 17 it says, “Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish. In your love you kept me from the pit of destruction.” Did you hear that? It is for our benefit that we suffer such anguish.

Personally, I have had some deep wounds heal as God has allowed a time of intense suffering and pain to occur, so that in the end, that place which was still injured (years and years later) is cured by the surgery of God’s loving and merciful hand. This is difficult to grasp and will require your complete surrender. We must not let the pain in the process impede the magnificence of the restoration. It is for your good that you have been torn in pieces so that you will be bound up correctly; rebuilt, reestablished and reinstated. If you will honour God with humility and dependence on Him through the fire, in the end, you will come out as gold; purified, precious and powerful.

Author, inspirational and comedic speaker, Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson is the national television co-host for The 700 Club Canada. God called her powerfully one night to the media in 1999. In her 15 year television career, she has interviewed such fabulous guests as Dog the Bounty Hunter, Josh Duhamel (hit TV series Vegas), Jesse Metcalfe, Henry Winkler, and Stedman Graham (Oprah’s beau) to name a few. She has been privileged to speak on camera with many great men and women of faith like Josh McDowell, Tony Campolo, Patsy Clairmont, Bill Hybels, Dr. Gary Smalley, Liz Curtis Higgs, Dr. Gary Chapman, Pat Robertson, Kay Arthur and Thelma Wells. She has been on stage as a special guest with the Women of Faith and opened the event for the Gaither Vocal Band (to be clear, thankfully, she was not singing). Over 90 of her personal interviews have aired on the BIOGRAPHY Channel Canada. Her book Relentless Redemption tells her true story from devastation to destiny!

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