Flex Your Creative Muscles!

People come alive when they flex their creative muscles! When you innovate, create a solution, make something beautiful and express your God-given strengths you are in a ‘zone’ when you are both enjoying life and finding your place as a contributor in creation. On the other hand, life becomes dull and uninteresting when we simply consume what others have created.

In our family, I am seeing this as my wife as she announces to me she has written a new song, or when she makes some creative upgrade to her garden. I see this in my children as they engage their imaginations, create visual art, do graphic design or create music. I am seeing it in my own life as I customize talks for each audience I speak to, as a create a new college-level course or develop a proposal.

Have you seen this dynamic at play in the lives of others or in your own life? It may be the husband who beams with pride over his home renovation project or vehicle restoration project. It may be the wife who created a gourmet meal or a cleverly designed home-based business. It may be the church planter who started a new ministry to connect unchurched people with God. It may be a college student who inspires people to come together for a world-changing cause.

We are always the most alive when we are creating something– whether on our own or in concert with others!

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Why is this the case? The short answer is that we are made in the image of a creating, responsive, powerful God. We are most ourselves and most at home when we are taking dominion over the created world, aligning with God’s redemptive purposes and bringing new expressions into existence that the world has never seen in quite the same way before!

Now, here is the kicker… are you bored with your life? Maybe it is time to add some colour to your black and white world by creating something today! Are you putting off major life goals that would bring you satisfaction and help others? Maybe it is time to to launch the experiment today!

Creativity is like a muscle that needs to be worked and challenged. Look around you and see what opportunities are waiting to be exploited. Notice how God has positioned you to make a difference in the lives of others. Identify and appreciate the unique blend of strengths, passions and values that you, your family and your organization bring to the world. Flex your creative muscle! As you do so it will become stronger!

So what will you do to flex your creative muscle? Here are some ideas to trigger your own brainstorming:

  • take a walk and marvel at God’s creativity
  • write an e-book
  • teach children your craft
  • write a song
  • launch a new ministry
  • make up a new game
  • submit a guest blog post to robparkman.com 😉
  • carve out regular time to create
  • take a course that will develop you in your craft
  • partner with others who share the same creative passions
  • explore new and undiscovered pathways to achieve your career goals
  • spend more time with people who take creative risks
  • research a new business idea
  • share devotional thoughts through a blog
  • offer to teach a workshop at your church or community centre
  • interview a thought leader in your industry
  • brighten someone’s day with a home made gift

It is time to flex your God-given creative muscles! 

Let us know below how you enjoy flexing your creative muscles…



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