How To RISE Above Your Problems

Did you ever have a horrible, rotten, no-good bad day?! If you are living on planet earth, there are many kinds of problems that we can be face with that can sour our mood in a heartbeat.

Steve Arterburn helps a lot of people by sharing about the difficulties he has gone through in life and how he has found his way out of them. Having navigated his way through problematic moral, marriage and career challenges with God’s help he has developed a helpful blueprint for others to follow. Sometimes those who have ‘been there’ are the best at helping us with our own unresolved issues- in part because their voice rings with authenticity and authority.

In his book “Healing Is A Choice”, Steve leads us into a series of empowering choices that reduce giant sized problems into smaller, manageable issues.

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Here are several ways that we can RISE above our problems:


Reduce the stress in your life by learning some new management skills.

Reduce conflicts that cause inner turmoil and difficulties in your relationships.

Reduce the negative patterns that have set in over your lifetime.

Reduce the substances you use to help cope with the pain in your life.


Increase your self-awareness and how you affect people who interact with you.

Increase your awareness of your feelings.

Increase your understanding of yourself and why you do the things you do.

Increase your connection with others.

Increase your assertiveness in a way that draws people to you rather than repels them.

Increase the healthy influences in your life.

Increase your time alone with God in the Bible and in prayer.


Substitute positive emotions for negative ones.

Substitute the willingness to risk for fear.

Substitute humility for arrogance.

Substitute acceptance for anger.

Substitute peace for anxiety.

Substitute surrender for control.


Eliminate addictive behaviours.

Eliminate a critical and judgmental spirit.

Eliminate certain repetitive sins in your life.

Every day of our lives we are confronted with large and small challenges. Be empowered today to make choices that will help you rise up and to overwhelmingly conquer every challenge before you!


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