Momentum Is Built In the MOMENTS

When you look at people’s highlight reels you can be quite impressed. We need to remember, though, that their highlight reel was built by making momentum building decisions in the mundane moments of their everyday lives.

Two years after making a decision to build a self-supporting ministry focused on our greatest passions and strengths I like our highlight reel. In a few weeks my first book with Friesen Press will be released, Camille has just finished recording a new worship album with Vibehouse in Chicago, we are seeing an increase in the number of children being released from poverty through our partnership with Compassion, our children are thriving and we continue to have many wonderful opportunities open up to us across the country. In almost every area of life I can say that we are in a good place.

But… none of this was handed to us on a silver platter. In those moments of our lives where we were tired, frustrated and losing hope we had to make decisions that would position us well for the future. We did not feel like making those decisions. We did not even always believe that those good decisions would work towards our favour. We wondered why results did not come more quickly.

Yet… when no one was looking and we weren’t sure where the road was leading us we made momentum building decisions. We didn’t always make the right choice, but we were conscious each day of the need to make wise decisions today that would brighten our tomorrows.

Where are your decisions in your mundane moments leading you?

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Here are some of the momentum building decisions that we made:

  • Thinking through who we would allow within our inner circle
  • Going for a walk
  • Picking up the phone and pursuing the best possible vocational opportunities
  • Networking with influencers and decision makers
  • Writing a book one sentence at a time
  • Putting our boys in contact with positive role models and spiritual growth opportunities
  • Building a mindset of awareness of the presence of God
  • Having unhurried times to focus, pray, read and journal
  • Giving attention to our building our internet presence
  • Maintaining and improving what we own
  • Plugging in to a vibrant church and small group
  • Making good soul-care decisions
  • Getting adequate rest
  • Increasing our financial intelligence
  • Working hard, working smart and working consistently
  • Trusting God to do what we cannot do and going for the ‘big ask’ in whatever situation we are in

When I am coaching people these days, the best advice I can give is to string a number of good decisions together. People often want their pain to go away quickly and they look for short-cuts that inevitably do not work. What we all need is to make one good decision, then add another to it, then another… and so on. Each boring, unseen, seemingly trivial future-oriented decision will serve us well and move us towards our most cherished goals. The momentum we long for is built by stringing together small decisions in the right direction for a long period of time.

I am curious- how have you built momentum in your life, career and family in the moments of each day?

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