REFUEL By Overcoming Obstacles To Your Calling

Unfortunately, there are often barriers and obstacles that get in the way when we try to pursue God’s call with our heart, soul, mind and strength. There may be doubt, fear, bitterness, pride, distance, health issues, financial or resource issues, disobedience, rebellion, opposition from other people, our own insecurities or complacency that holds us back.

The story of Moses is a great example of overcoming obstacles. In Exodus 3 we read of a long list of obstacles that Moses sees as holding him back from what the Lord has planned for him. Interestingly, at every point of self-doubt, God answers him with a solution that will help him overcome each obstacle. You feel that you are too lowly for the calling? Don’t worry, my presence will be with you. You feel powerless? Don’t worry my power will be with you. You feel that you cannot speak? Don’t worry, I will teach you what to say and I will provide for you a ministry partner. God, in His goodness, is able to customize solutions for us that help us to overcome each obstacle that we have in the course of pursuing our calling.

Each time Moses puts forth the stumbling block between him and his assignment, God informs of him of the grace that will be available to overcome it. He provides resources, partners, and even His own presence. Moses could have chosen to do otherwise, but he ended up taking God at his word and receiving the supernatural strength of God that invaded his entire being.

What may be keeping you from fully giving yourself to God’s purpose for your life? How would your life change if you moved closer to the ‘sweet spot’ of using your greatest strengths in your vocation? What if you entered the adventure and allowed God to provide all that you need along the way?

In order to overcome your own personal obstacles, you need to know who God is and who you are. The key is knowing His identity and your identity.

First, He is the “I Am”.  He is eternal, he is the beginning and end of everything- everything comes from Him. His being is underived. He is the uncreated God. He is self-existent, infinitely continuous. He will be who He will be- he reveals himself in a continuing way. He has always been. Because God has that immense power, he has enough resources for each of us to complete our assignments. All that we need is in Him and is readily available.

Second, if you know Christ then you need to know your rights and your authority in God. When God told Moses to pick up the staff, he was delegating His authority to Moses, sanctioning him, authorizing him to carry out the Lord’s works in His name. Again, Moses took God at his word and had the exhilaration of seeing God’s power flow through him to impact human history. Don’t be shy with the authority God has given you to carry out His will. He has called you to pursue his unique calling on our life will full confidence and courage!

Trust that God will give you the strength, insight and confidence to overcome every obstacle that is in your way!

Photo credit: The U.S. Army / / CC BY

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