Change Your Mind, Change Your Life (by Dr. Ken Smylie)

“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” Romans 12:2 

As a licensed counsellor and prayer minister I see a great need in my clients and the greater society for the renewing of the mind. So many minds are troubled and full of fear and anxiety. Sadly, this is true of many devout Christians as well. The need is obvious but just how does one renew the mind?

In my journey I have found that the intentional changing of the mind is activated through intentional verbal renunciations and declarations. The negative and dark thoughts and beliefs that came to us early in life and have found residence in our hearts and subconscious came to us in the form of a thought composed of words. If it by words we have become oppressed then it is also by words that we can be set free. If the Enemy has whispered to us early in life we have no value or worth and we have passively accepted and received his lie then it forms the basis of how we see ourselves and then how we behave. Our behaviors are rooted in what we believe about ourselves. If we change our self-beliefs our behaviors will follow. Change your mind, change your life. Is this not also the essence of repentance—a change of mind and direction in life?


The essence of inner healing prayer or healing of the heart is inviting in prayer Jesus to come to the person and bring to his or her mind what Jesus wants. Often Jesus begins by just loving on the person. Jesus is then asked to look for and reveal to the person what he or she believes that is not true—what is the lie. The person is asked to report what is the first thing that comes to his or her mind. It is often a word or a phrase. For example, if he reports the word “worthless” then that is the identity of the lie. Since the lie is in the form of a belief composed of words the minister then asks him to use his words to intentionally, as an act of his will, reject the lie. He is prompted to say out loud something like, ‘In Jesus name I reject the lie that says I am worthless’. At times it is helpful to have him say it three times to gain maximum benefit. The prayer recipient is then asked if he feels or senses anything in his body. Commonly the person reports that he feels lighter. I have come to believe that lies have a form of density and that when they are removed a sensation of lightness occurs.

Having identified and removed the lie is essential to healing the heart. Even so, there is more that remains to be done. The place that the lie occupied should not be left empty. Holy Spirit is then asked to fill that void with His love, warmth and peace. It is the principle of displacement, that is, out with the bad and in with the good. Jesus is now asked to speak to the person the truth. Jesus often speaks quite simply but profoundly things like, You are valued and worthy of my love. As the recipient hears and receives the truth spiritual freedom is experienced. For, it is the truth that shall set you free. A transformation by the renewing of the mind has occurred.

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