Benefits of Coaching to Achieve Your Intentional Dreams (by Dr. Scott Francis)


Can I ask you two questions?

First question: Have you got an intentional dream yet?

There are two answers to that first question. Some people answer with “Um, not really…well…maybe…I’m not sure you would call it an intentional dream…what do you mean… (long pause)…” Or they answer, “You bet I do!”

Second question: Have you got a coach yet?

Of the people last year that answered yes to both questions, how many do you think achieved their intentional dream? Too many others were left behind.

Here is my definition of an “intentional dream”: It is a specific, inspiring, stretching, and life altering goal that can be achieved with the right set of action steps. Examples include running a marathon, scaling a mountain, completing a degree, finding a life partner, developing a new group of great friends, launching a business, helping a work team, hit new sales targets etc. An intentional dream may also be to develop an advance spiritual practice, or to raise a significant amount of money for a charity. Some people are not interested in developing an intentional dream. That is unfortunate because they are missing out.

There are two clear benefits to setting an intentional dream, and three benefits of hiring a coach to help you achieve them.

Intentional dreams bring out the best in us.

I want to be clear. Attainment of the dream is not the greatest benefit. Instead, the value is in the change required to achieve the dream. We ultimately become better versions of ourselves in order to achieve it. Running a marathon may be the intentional dream, but the benefits are things like strength, health, stamina, and focus. Intentional dreams give you motivational milestones in the grand project of actualizing greatness. Having an intentional dream points us in the direction of personal growth. When we are unsure what to do next, the dream give us a compass bearing and a destination. That leads to the second benefit of an intentional dream.

Intentional dreams give direction for momentum.

You probably know what it is like to feel stuck at some point in life. We can seemingly wander around aimlessly, unsure of what we really want without any personal ambition. Momentum is the force that comes when we are set on a pathway and actively engaged in our quest. It is easier to keep moving if you have already been moving. Momentum is a key element in feelings of happiness and contentedness. You are there when go to bed able to say that you accomplished something and progressed forward.

So having an intentional dream is the first step. The next is getting a really great coach.


This is why:

Coaches are safe.

Talking about our dreams with others can be a threatening activity. There are three levels of vulnerability in conversations. The easier and safest level of self-revelation is 1) when we tell  stories of our life. This can be events such as our most embarrassing moment or first kiss. The second and much more dangerous level is 2) when we speak of our opinions, thoughts and ideas. The reason it is dangerous is because someone less scrupulous could use the information to hurt our reputation or damage us. The third and most threatening conversation is 3) when we reveal our hopes, dreams, and personal challenges. This is where people could easily hurt us with a discouraging comment. We fear having our dreams shot down because it devalues us and can cause us to self-sabotage from self-doubt.

A great coach will never shoot down your dreams. You are safe talking about it. Instead, the coach ignites a flame of momentum and self-confidence.

A great coach will help you clarify your dreams. Often, a dream or a calling exists in a mental haze, just beyond our range of visibility. We kinda-maybe-sorta know what we want. The dream can stay there indefinitely. When we make the dream razor sharp in focus, it always reveals our next steps.

The coach will stretch you outside your comfort zone.

 Everyone knows, that life begins on the edge of our comfort zone.

 I used to go to the local gym by myself. I would usually get into a rut of activities. But when I engage a trainer, I suddenly discovered muscles I was never using. My fitness level was pushed further. I discovered a lot more capacity than I knew. If you engage a coach to attain your goals, you will quickly discover that you are stronger than you think.

Those rare life changing conversations become a regular occurrence.

Remember back to the last time you talked with someone, and you found yourself getting excited about what you could become as a result of the things you had talked about. That happens all the time with coaching. As you get into the coaching, you and your coach identify specific behaviours to change and steps to complete which ultimately achieve your intentional dream. A truly great coach will give you tools and insight along the way. They will also make sure that, this time, you do not let your inner saboteur stop you.

Imagine having someone sit with you, completely intent on helping you succeed. It is the kind of conversation that rarely happens. And this can be yours.

Most professional coaches offer a free introductory coaching session. If you have never experienced it, then what are you waiting for. Give one a call today and see what it is to thrive.


Scott Francis PhD. is an executive leadership coach based near Regina, SK. His doctoral work was in leadership studies, and his dissertation was on the Psychology of Executive Leadership Coaching.

 You can listen to his podcast at This is an online talkshow for intelligent leaders.

 You can also find his website at

Photo credit: Kullez via / CC BY

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