5 Reasons To Start Writing Your Book Today

This year I was blessed to reach a lifetime milestone- publishing my first book! It was a tremendous learning experience. I learned how to outline and expand content, how to work through the details of the publishing process, and how to build other resources around the book. I even learned how to deal with carpal tunnel symptoms (especially as the deadline drew nearer!).

Surveys have shown that most people feel that they “have a book in them”. Perhaps 2016 is your year to let that book out!


Here are five reasons to start on your project today:

  1. Get your life message out into the world– Each one of us has a unique journey that can help others along the way. In my own journey I learned to hold on to hope, to maintain a mindset of an overcomer and to take daily steps towards a brighter future (even when I did not feel like it). God taught me many things along the way! The end result was “REFUEL: Strengthen Your Soul Energize Your Mission“- and now the book is helping many others!
  2. Build your platform– In a changing economic climate, more people are moving towards being self-employed or having multiple streams of income. This requires building a platform, or establishing a presence in the marketplace. In most fields, writing an eBook and/or a traditional book help to establish you as an expert in your field. This opens doors for other aspects of your business and/or ministry.
  3. Grow personally– I would agree with other authors who say that they experience deep personal growth through the writing experience. Writing can be therapeutic in that it helps you process the value of what you have learned, even through difficulties and dangers. Writing can boost your self confidence because the discipline that you exercise shows that you are willing to do what others are not willing to do in order to have a life of increasing impact.
  4. Build your legacy– The creative work that we bring to the world becomes part of our legacy that we pass on to future generations. As a father, the greatest value I pass on to my sons is not necessarily the creative works I leave behind (although I hope they are proud of them!), rather it is the example of going after God-given dreams and pushing through obstacles to see them accomplished.
  5. Learn about marketing– Any worthwhile message takes some amount of effort to get out into the world. Challenge yourself to get your creative work into as many hands as possible in as innovative a manner as possible. Learning about marketing is really learning about people and how we can take what we have to offer that matches with what their needs are. The people skills, growth in personal initiative and financial acumen that you develop will serve you well in all areas of life.

If you want to make your writing dream a reality- get started today! There are many opportunities with traditional and self-publishing. Never has the publishing climate been more favourable for anyone to get into the game. But… you have to get into the game!

If you would like a guide to walk you through the process of writing a book and having it self-published, please contact me as I have limited room for one-to-one coaching in 2016 (email for rates). I’d love to work with you!



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