Do Not Let January Defeat You

In our part of the world, January is the coldest and darkest month of the year. Naturally, during this season people struggle with keeping up their motivation levels. While taking a sun vacation is a nice break, it is best to think about long-term, sustainable solutions that help you kick winter in the teeth!


Here are a few ways that we are defeating January this year in the Parkman household:

  • Bundling up and getting outside for a walk
  • Devoting time to thankfulness journalling
  • Maintaining a work out schedule (if you struggle in this area like me, make sure you use the buddy system!)
  • Reading the Bible and other uplifting books
  • Staying focused on larger goals and staying on daily steps towards these goals whether the emotional kick is there or not
  • Taking a break from TV and enjoying a family game
  • Anticipating exciting trips/events/milestones in the next year
  • Enjoying a home-cooked meal with friends
  • Cutting yourself some slack and recognizing that some seasons in life are tougher than others
  • Casting anxieties and burdens on God as they come to mind
  • Taking Vitamin D supplements
  • Listening to motivation-boosting podcasts

Do not let January defeat you!!

*Please comment below with ways that you defeat January!*

Photo credit: ontourwithben / CC BY-ND

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