You Get What You Aim For

I hate the feeling of waking up one day and wondering how I could have gotten myself into circumstances that are draining me. I had good intentions, but my actions took me in another direction*.

Let’s say you were to launch a shuttle to the moon but you were off by just 2 degrees. You would miss the moon by over 11,000 miles! Each small action that you take has a big impact in determining whether or not you will hit your destination.

Think about your work life and your vocation for a moment. Are you happy with your vocation? Are you energized by your work daily? Are you working in the area of your passions? If the answer is no, the good news is that we can adjust our aim.

Time is free

Here are 5 principles that I have used to improve my aim so that I could progressively move towards my God-given vocational dreams:

  • Ask yourself what you really want in your work life- Get clear on what is of high value to you rather than adopting the values of others!
  • Focus on what God says about your potential, not on what critics or indifferent people say about your potential– I believe that God smiles when we rise above the expectations of others and begin to soar!
  • Intentionally inject hope, optimism and confidence into each day– Start and punctuate your day with reminders that God will help you to overcome obstacles!
  • Believe that there is a way to work within the area of your passions– When you work a plan and adjust the plan as your learning increases, you can do what others say cannot be done!
  • Connect with others that do not want to stagnate in their vocations– Find others who are interested in stewarding well all that they have been given and connect online, by phone and/or in person!

Are you interested in getting help with finding work that you love? We are putting together some coaching sessions that will help people find work that is purposeful and profitable.

If you are interested in receiving information about our upcoming vocational coaching, please comment below or fire me a note at robparkman [at] live [dot] ca!

With you in the journey,


*Credits to Andy Stanley in his talk “The Principle of the Path”

Photo credit: Lel4nd via / CC BY

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One thought on “You Get What You Aim For

  1. Yes you would miss the moon and travel to the outer reaches space never to ever to reach what you first aimed for and so that is why they invented a steering handle even on a spaceship Rob. Your what if’s need to be more precise Rob and I know I need to be more precise in my Christian walk with Christ in Order to do the right things in my life. Which Christ Jesus is in my body and in my soul I need to be envalluped in Christ Jesus and my soul as well needs to be Drenched in Him Christ Jesus My Lord and Savior and in this one my lifetime and lifetime to come!