The Best Leadership Book EVER

Each year millions of leadership books fly off the shelves for one simple reason- leaders are often in over their heads! I have been there. I have been in many complex situations for which it seems impossible to find solutions.

If you have been a leader at any level, you have run up against proverbial brick walls:

  • The economic ground underneath you keeps shifting and you need to find ways to remain sustainable (read: you need money and you need it now!)
  • The direction you have taken gets questioned by key players (read: some people are too wrapped up in their own division to see the big picture!)
  • There are team members that do not want to play nice (read: some people demand extra grace and patience!)
  • The rules keep changing in your industry, creating new challenges and opportunities that did not exist a few short years ago (read: people keep moving the target on you!)
  • Your own personal issues keep getting in the way of your progress (read: we all have baggage that limits us as leaders!)

I am a fan of good leadership books and I recommend picking off a few best-sellers per year. At the same time, these books have a short shelf life. They address immediate trends but it is not long before many of them become dated.

That is why- you guessed it- I recommend the Bible as your top leadership read of the year. Critics will point out that the Bible has been misused by many throughout history. This is true, but it does not negate the fact that the best leaders the world has seen were influenced directly or indirectly by the Bible (think Pascal, Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa- you get the picture).

Open Bible with pen

When I first came to faith in Christ, a mentor boldly asserted that the Bible had the answer to every question that we have as human beings. In a sense, he was right.

I will not find in the pages of the Bible an indication as to which city I should do business in, but reading the Bible will help me hone my discretion so that I am more likely to make a wise decision.

The Bible will not tell me how to deal with a particular difficult staff member, but it will help me to choose the right attitude as I deal with them and it will help me take steps to protect myself and the organization from toxic people.

The Bible will not tell me how to deal with a particular economic crisis, but it will provide timeless principles that help people thrive regardless of the financial times they find themselves in.

Regardless of where you are at in the journey of faith, seeing how the great leaders of Scripture processed their leadership challenges will make you better as a leader!

Everyday I gain leadership motivation, strength and direction from the truths of the Bible! I encourage and challenge you to regularly ingest the wisdom of the Word of God. Imagine the harm and heartache you could avoid by becoming well-versed with it’s timeless wisdom!

Q: How has the wisdom of the Bible helped you in your leadership?



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One thought on “The Best Leadership Book EVER

  1. I have found reading the Bible that leadership is everywhere, yes there are the known, “famous” leaders if you will. But there are so many other instances of leadership and style. That is what I find, a leader for every instance I come across. I am reading Jon Knokey’s Theodore Roosevelt and the Making of American Leadership and I find all politics aside what a phenomenal leader he was. It’s those things that I draw inspiration from.