I have found that what stands between me and what I want in life is often one thing- hustle. Eighty percent of people say they have a book inside of them, but very few commit to the process. Eighty percent of people say that they want to improve their work life, but few are willing to extend themselves to do so. Many people know that they need to upgrade their associates if they want to upgrade their life, yet few are willing to go there.

As a kid I was heavily involved in youth sports. Some of the teams I played with were real stinkers. We got thumped by the neighbouring small towns and by the city teams we would travel to. Fortunately, we discovered a secret called hustle. Whether it was hockey, baseball, football or basketball the word we and our coaches used most often was hustle. This meant jogging and not walking in between drills. It meant putting in extra reps after practice. It meant having a mentality that said to our opponents, ‘You may have more talent than me, but I have a good chance of winning because I will be giving it my all until the last play of the game’. As a result, we went from getting thumped to appearing in provincial finals in three sports. Not bad at all!

Those who hustle are taking responsibility for their own results rather than thinking that they are only a pawn in a larger game. Those who hustle are exercising God’s intended purpose for them in terms of taking dominion over their lives rather than just allowing life to happen to them. Those who hustle are giving themselves the opportunity to see the outcomes that they most desperately want to see in their family and finances.


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Three years ago my wife and I launched out into the previously unknown world of entrepreneur-ism. I wanted to give myself full-time to speaking/writing/consulting and my wife wanted to give herself full-time to writing/recording/performing her music. Remarkably, three years later we are still moving forward with these dreams and mobilizing thousands of people, primarily because we have learned to hustle.

If you are ready to see what hustle can do for you, here are a few things we have learned along the way:

  1. Realize that the best things in life do not come to us easily, they are the result of pursuing them long after the masses have given up.
  2. See yourself as capable (as God sees you) so that you will have the internal fire to keep going during inevitable delays or set-backs.
  3. Distance yourself from the thinking of others that is stuck on the negatives and surround yourself with people who see possibility.
  4. Take daily small steps towards the large dreams that are in your heart.
  5. Develop yourself, for those who commit to ongoing learning and growth separate themselves from the pack.

Q: What have you seen hustle do for you and what are you doing to daily close the gap between you and your dreams?

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