Powerful Stories of God at Work


As we travel across the country, we have the opportunity to see God do some amazing things in connecting Compassion children with loving sponsors. It is beautiful and powerful to see how both the sponsors’ lives and the children’s lives are deeply and profoundly changed!

Here are a few recent stories that demonstrate the goodness of God at work:

  • In Ottawa we had finished ministering at multiple services and we were loading our car and getting ready to leave. Just then out from the church comes a young lady (about 20 years old) yelling at us. She was afraid that she had missed her opportunity to sponsor a child! There on the trunk of the car she filled out the form and walked away with the biggest smile you can imagine!
  • In Toronto I had the missions director of a church thank me for giving them the opportunity to sponsor children. It is not often that you hear someone being so grateful for the opportunity to give rather than receive!
  • In Winnipeg we had a single young man commit to sponsoring four children. He was not married but he was starting a family!
  • In Calgary we had presented to the children and the adults. After the service we had kids initiating their family’s move towards the sponsorship table and starting their family on the sponsorship journey!
  • In Yorkton I had a guy tell me I was a ‘terrible’ speaker because a line from a story I had told kept running through his head (a story about God challenging a guy with a question “Is that the best you could do?”). As a result he and his wife sponsored three children instead of one!
  • In Kelowna Camille held up a child pack on stage and read the girl’s name and birthday. After the service a woman said ¬†that she would sponsor the child- as it turns out she had the same name and birthday!

Beautiful Maasai Girl

It is a good practice for our souls to look back over the past months or years and recount the ways we have seen the goodness of God in the land of the living. We made some sacrifices to position ourselves to do what we are doing- but it has been more than worth it! Rehearsing these stories leaves me smiling, and it fuels my desire to make space for God to be at work in the coming months and years.

If and when you are ready to sponsor a child, just jump on to: www.compassion.ca/ambassador/robparkman.

God is at work in and through your life! I would love to hear your stories below!



Photo credit: Brad Ruggles viaFoter.com / CC BY-NC-SA



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