The REFUEL Companion Website is Live!

I am excited to announce that is now live! This website offers a variety of resources that complement the book “REFUEL: Strengthen Your Soul, Energize Your Mission” by Rob Parkman (Friesen Press).

Includes on the site are resources you can use to REFUEL yourself, your small group/leadership team or your entire church! From the videos, to the Bible studies and sermons and other items available you will have everything you need to take the content of REFUEL deeper into your own life, the life of your team or the life of your church.

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The topics for the 8 weeks of personal, small group or church study are as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Renewing Your Mind
  3. Forgiving Your Debtors
  4. Choosing Your Friends
  5. Giving Yourself Permission to Rest
  6. Nourishing Your Spiritual Life
  7. De-Stressing Your Finances
  8. Refocusing On Your Calling

God wants you to be fully charged up and replenished so you can accomplish your God-given purpose and find enjoyment as you do it!

I hope that the materials on this website will be a helpful companion for you in your journey!

Check it out today!


Rob Parkman

Sneak peak at REFUEL book cover!

This week I signed off on the final manuscript of “REFUEL: Strengthen Your Soul, Energize Your Mission”. I am excited about the many lives this book will impact! Click on the link below to get a sneak peak of the book cover!


More news about the release of REFUEL to come!


REFUEL Book In Final Round of Editing!

Dear friends,

This is an exciting time as I put the final touches on one of the biggest ventures I have ever undertaken! “REFUEL- Strengthening Your Soul, Energizing Your Mission” is in the final round of editing and will roll off the press in early 2015! I want to thank everyone at Friesen Press for a very positive experience as a first-time writer.

In just a few short weeks the book will be available on Amazon, GoogleBooks, bookstores and other platforms. I am thrilled to think of the life-changing impact the content is going to have on many lives! 

Also in development is an entire REFUEL KIT that will include everything you need to take the REFUEL experience to more people (sermon series, small group study, small group leader guide, etc.).

More good news: subscribers to, will get special deals as the book before the release date!

I hope that you will partner with me in seeing many people go from empty to full in every area of their lives!


With great anticipation,


The Evil, the Foolish and the Wise

One of the most important questions to ask in any business or personal relationship is “What type of person am I dealing with?”  Our tendency is to treat all people to the same and to have the same level of expectation from every person that is in our lives. Perhaps you have made one of these relational mistakes that has affected your personal, social or financial well-being:

  • Selected the wrong type of person as a friend or business associate?
  • Expected a person to relate to you in way that was different from their relational pattern?
  • Left the vision of the organization or family vulnerable to someone who intended harm?


The book of Proverbs is enlightening on these issues and explains that you will encounter three types of people: the evil, the foolish and the wise.  Dr. Henry Cloud elaborates on how to identify and deal with each type of person (his video on the subject is available on Vimeo):

  1. The Wise respond positively to truth and correction (they change themselves to fit the truth)- keep resourcing them and giving them feedback.
  2. The Foolish respond negatively to truth and correction (they change the truth to fit themselves)- since talking more will not help they need boundaries and consequences.
  3. The Evil take their negative response to the next level- they will seek to bring harm to you and/or the organization. It is time to protect yourself.

Questions: Have you discovered these types of people in your lives?  What strategies have you found helpful/unhelpful?

Until next time- may God give you an increase in wisdom!

Jumping Off The Bridge!

As a teenager I was intrigued when friends talked about jumping off the old railway bridge a few miles out of town into the river.  One clear summer day I mustered the courage to go along with them to see whether they were on to something or whether they had just had too many Slurpees.

Being cautious by nature I let several of the other guys jump through the air high above the treetops and plunge into the river below.  Having sufficient assurance that their hollers were shouts of delight and not pain, and seeing that they survived the ordeal and crawled back out of the river to have another go- I stepped up to the edge of the trestle.  I held my breath and took the counter intuitive step out into the air.  I will never forget the exhilaration of that free fall.  More than that I will never forget having conquered my fear and expanded my horizons.

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Today, after 20 years of enrolment of the leadership school of hard knocks, I am jumping off the bridge again.  It is with the same sense of trepidation and with the same rush of adrenaline that I step out into the air and launch my blog.  For me, this is another step in my journey of learning how to make my one life count- and to help others to learn to do the same!  Three times a week I will be posting about self-leadership, vocational fulfillment, leadership solutions, life lessons and other topics that I trust will leave you the richer for having stopped by.

If the bridge represents your zone of comfort -and jumping represents the risks you need to take to fulfill your God-given destiny- they allow me to encourage you to take the plunge.

Now it’s your turn- I’d love to hear your thoughts on this question:  Do people tend to err on the side of  having been too cautious OR having been too audacious in the pursuit of their desired outcomes?