The Evil, the Foolish and the Wise

One of the most important questions to ask in any business or personal relationship is “What type of person am I dealing with?”  Our tendency is to treat all people to the same and to have the same level of expectation from every person that is in our lives. Perhaps you have made one of these relational mistakes that has affected your personal, social or financial well-being:

  • Selected the wrong type of person as a friend or business associate?
  • Expected a person to relate to you in way that was different from their relational pattern?
  • Left the vision of the organization or family vulnerable to someone who intended harm?


The book of Proverbs is enlightening on these issues and explains that you will encounter three types of people: the evil, the foolish and the wise.  Dr. Henry Cloud elaborates on how to identify and deal with each type of person (his video on the subject is available on Vimeo):

  1. The Wise respond positively to truth and correction (they change themselves to fit the truth)- keep resourcing them and giving them feedback.
  2. The Foolish respond negatively to truth and correction (they change the truth to fit themselves)- since talking more will not help they need boundaries and consequences.
  3. The Evil take their negative response to the next level- they will seek to bring harm to you and/or the organization. It is time to protect yourself.

Questions: Have you discovered these types of people in your lives?  What strategies have you found helpful/unhelpful?

Until next time- may God give you an increase in wisdom!

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