Replenish: Leading From a Healthy Soul

If as a leader you have ever felt alone, in over your head or that you just needed replenishment- you are not alone!

In this book Witt cites surveys that indicate many are fatigued, emotionally drained and struggling:

  • 80% of Christian leaders feel discouraged in their roles
  • 70% do not have a friend, confidant or close mentor
  • 71% said they were burned out
  • One in every ten ministers will actually retire as ministers
jerik0ne / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

It does not have to be this way!  When, not ‘if’, you need replenishing, consider these 10 replenishing steps:

  1. Identify the external and internal forces that are draining you.
  2. Make Jesus your life and let your leadership and ministry flow out of that relationship.
  3. Get equipped to have healthy soul- it is just as important as gaining skills and competencies.
  4. Get over approval addiction and do not spend emotional energy worrying about criticism.
  5. Be excessively clear about lines of authority and expectations.
  6. Use your priorities to filter opportunities and options (learn to say NO).
  7. Understand that hidden years are the surprising birthplace of true spiritual greatness.
  8. Build healthy, soul replenishing activities into your daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedule.
  9. Develop a handful of deep friendships.
  10. Find your life in Christ- not in the opinions of others.

Until next time- may God revitalize you!

Q: What do you feel are the best practices for staying healthy as a leader?

Leading On Empty- Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion (Bethany House)

Every leader shares a common and fatal enemy- BURNOUT.  Whether it is because of conflict in the organization, depleted emotional resources, ill health or simply fatigue we are all vulnerable.  If you are like me, you consider yourself immune, but if you are not strategically ‘filling your tank’, your hope, passion and zest for life and leading can be slowly eroded.  As Cordiero says, “those whose vocation is all about giving out are wearing out”.


Here are 10 action steps to help you get replenished:

  1. Learn what drains and what fills your tank.
  2. Realize that in a winter season all you can hold on to are the positive disciplines you have already built into your life.
  3. Plant seeds today that will bring you the outcomes you want tomorrow.
  4. Use your pain and vulnerability to fuel you with compassion towards others who have gone through similar challenges.
  5. Know that it is in the crucible of private sufferings that the most noblest God-given dreams are born.
  6. Be selective in what you initiate- because what you initiate you have to maintain.
  7. Restructure your life for higher levels of all-around health.
  8. Address body, soul and spirit to get well.
  9. Adjust your perception- the way we view our problem is oftentimes the problem.
  10. Focus back on what God called you to do in the first place.

I have discovered some things that ‘fill my tank’ in this season of life:  time with supportive friends, relaxing in the sun, reading a good book, down time with my family and experiencing God’s presence in a worship service.

Q: What fills your tank?

No More Mondays

The quest for vocational fulfillment and alignment with your passions is an arduous journey- and Dan Miller is the ideal travelling companion.  Having turned his own vocational failures into gold, he helps to open the mind to new and exciting career options.

Accelerate your quest to work you love with these 10 pieces of wisdom:

  1. Meaningful work that is a day-by-day application of God’s design for your life IS within your grasp.
  2. Stay true to your God given talents and passions rather than trying to duplicate the success of someone else.
  3. See the wealth of new income generating opportunities vs. thinking like a traditional employee.
  4. Consider options that will increase your time freedom, sense of purpose and income.
  5. Take 100% responsibility for your work life and stop blaming others or falsely believing you are trapped.
  6. There will always be whiners and naysayers- recognize that you are on a different path.
  7. Consider writing, consulting, coaching, online marketing, freelance work, contracting or a low-cost business start-up.
  8. Even in the middle of a job loss, personal rejection or business failure we can choose optimism, joy and a better future.
  9. Seeing your dream come to pass requires: a clear plan of action, imagination, desire, hard work, self-discipline and faith.
  10. See your failures as a necessary part of your progress separates you from the average person and puts you on a track to success.

Q: What steps have you taken to find work that you love?