No More Mondays

The quest for vocational fulfillment and alignment with your passions is an arduous journey- and Dan Miller is the ideal travelling companion.  Having turned his own vocational failures into gold, he helps to open the mind to new and exciting career options.

Accelerate your quest to work you love with these 10 pieces of wisdom:

  1. Meaningful work that is a day-by-day application of God’s design for your life IS within your grasp.
  2. Stay true to your God given talents and passions rather than trying to duplicate the success of someone else.
  3. See the wealth of new income generating opportunities vs. thinking like a traditional employee.
  4. Consider options that will increase your time freedom, sense of purpose and income.
  5. Take 100% responsibility for your work life and stop blaming others or falsely believing you are trapped.
  6. There will always be whiners and naysayers- recognize that you are on a different path.
  7. Consider writing, consulting, coaching, online marketing, freelance work, contracting or a low-cost business start-up.
  8. Even in the middle of a job loss, personal rejection or business failure we can choose optimism, joy and a better future.
  9. Seeing your dream come to pass requires: a clear plan of action, imagination, desire, hard work, self-discipline and faith.
  10. See your failures as a necessary part of your progress separates you from the average person and puts you on a track to success.

Q: What steps have you taken to find work that you love?



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