Replenish: Leading From a Healthy Soul

If as a leader you have ever felt alone, in over your head or that you just needed replenishment- you are not alone!

In this book Witt cites surveys that indicate many are fatigued, emotionally drained and struggling:

  • 80% of Christian leaders feel discouraged in their roles
  • 70% do not have a friend, confidant or close mentor
  • 71% said they were burned out
  • One in every ten ministers will actually retire as ministers
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It does not have to be this way!  When, not ‘if’, you need replenishing, consider these 10 replenishing steps:

  1. Identify the external and internal forces that are draining you.
  2. Make Jesus your life and let your leadership and ministry flow out of that relationship.
  3. Get equipped to have healthy soul- it is just as important as gaining skills and competencies.
  4. Get over approval addiction and do not spend emotional energy worrying about criticism.
  5. Be excessively clear about lines of authority and expectations.
  6. Use your priorities to filter opportunities and options (learn to say NO).
  7. Understand that hidden years are the surprising birthplace of true spiritual greatness.
  8. Build healthy, soul replenishing activities into your daily, weekly, monthly and annual schedule.
  9. Develop a handful of deep friendships.
  10. Find your life in Christ- not in the opinions of others.

Until next time- may God revitalize you!

Q: What do you feel are the best practices for staying healthy as a leader?

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One thought on “Replenish: Leading From a Healthy Soul

  1. As a Sunday school teacher I know that not only do I need to be spiritually tuned up but i also need to be physically ok too. To be that I need to eat right, drink a lot of fluids, exercise, and get some sleep. If I go to class after being up all night and skipping breakfast, I am not in any shape to train up the child in the way he/she should go. My mind does not function fast enough to take on the questions these young mind think up and I can confuse even me. To do God’s best I need to be God’s best. I know a lot of times lately I’m not there. I need to get to the place that I know I am giving my best, not just showing up.