Individual Coaching

I love developing people and helping them to achieve their destiny. In individual coaching, I come alongside you to help you get traction in the areas of life that are the most important to you. I have coached people extensively for over two decades and I would love to work with you! Follow proven steps to achieve health in your personal, family and professional life. Primary areas include:

  • Leadership Health
  • Finding Your Dream Job
  • Speak Like a Pro
  • Finding Your Unique Purpose
  • Flex Your Entrepreneurial Muscles
  • Mastering Your Mindset
  • Restoring Your Soul
  • Improving Your Marriage
  • Work/Life Balance

Organizational Consulting

Sometimes you need a trusted guide to help you grow and overcome obstacles in your organization. Discover perspectives, systems and practices that extend your reach, improve relationships and grow your bottom line. I have presented to organizations from coast to coast and overseas, and I would love to work with your organization! Primary areas include:

  • Health of the Leader, Health of the Team
  • Organic Growth Principles
  • Vision and Strategy Development
  • Tapping Inherent Motivation
  • Getting The Right People in the Right Seats
  • Winning Attitudes


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