Keeping Your Tank Full: Staying Replenished as a Leader

This summer I have an amazing opportunity to help leaders put together a replenishment strategy that will help them get through periods of weariness, vision drain and frustration. I will be speaking at a national event in Ottawa, ON with the CMA (see title link) on the subject of:

How To Keep Your Tank Full– Staying Replenished as a Leader

Healthy leaders produce healthy organizations. Find out what you need to do to combat the draining effects of difficult people, ministry pressures and unmet expectations.  Don’t become a statistic.  Discover do-able strategies that help you find new levels of health, satisfaction and effectiveness as a leader.

Every leader and every organization needs a plan to stay refreshed and effective for the long haul!

I am available for consulting and teaching across Canada in the areas of: leadership health and replenishment, vision development, passionate spirituality, effective outreach and church revitalization. I have spoke recently at leadership gatherings in Santo Domingo (DR), Winnipeg (MB), Saskatoon (SK), Calgary (AB) and Vancouver (BC).

Drop me a note at robparkman [at] live [dot] ca.



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