When the Politically Correct Dance Fails Us

Nov. 17, 2014

Today the world got verified news that another innocent person has perished at the hands of extremists. Does anyone actually believe that talking and doing a politically correct dance will end their violence?

This is not the first time the world has seen a disturbing evil and been forced to choose between action and inaction. Last week, I had the honour of speaking at a Remembrance Day Service in my hometown. My title for the talk was “Freedom Is Not Free”. I spoke of my grandfather getting on a boat in WWII so that innocent people were not overrun. He was injured and discharged, but other comrades were not so ‘lucky’. When people in Europe remember what Canadians did to end the brutality in their nations in those years, they gush with gratefulness.

Most civilized nations today have no desire to resort to force to stop certain movements, but unfortunately for all of us, force is the only language some movements understand.

If you were the leader of a western nation, what would your response be to ISIS, Russian invasion into the Ukraine and other human rights atrocities across the globe?

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