Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

You’ve been there. Your leader(s) either made you feel safe or unsafe and the quality of your work (and ultimately the quality of your life) was affected. I am more convinced than ever that it is worth the effort of moving heaven and earth to position yourself to work with good leaders!

Perhaps the highest compliment I have ever received is a leader is that I created space for good people to be safe. What they seemed to be communicating was that:

  • they were protected from unhealthy elements in the organization
  • their legitimate concerns were heard and acted on
  • they were free to be in a mode of experimenting and exploring without fear of being reprimanded for failure
  • they had the encouragement and the means to discover and grow in their strengths
  • they had the assurance that the person at the top of the organizational chart would have both their best interests and the best interests of the organization in mind

I have made my fair share of leadership mistakes, but one of the things that is most gratifying to date in my leadership experience is providing safe spaces for good people to thrive.

May God bless you in the journey of both becoming the leader that God has called you to be and positioning yourself under great leaders!

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