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2 thoughts on “Is it better to be an employee or to be self-employed?

  1. Hi Rob, as you know, being self-employed allows tremendous flexibility. It also usually comes with an income stream that is not guaranteed. For people who are good with that uncertainty and want the flexibility it is an excellent way to go. Blessings

  2. As a single 20 year old guy, I find myself liking a mixture of both:
    I’m using self-employment to have a flexible means to have an income flow while pursuing dreams and adventures I wouldn’t otherwise be able to do with a normal job (Like, working with Jesus on the other side of the world in nations of great need). Whereas, times of being employed has been for me a great way to quickly build up the financial resources I need to be able to set up a self-employment system, while simultaneously building up savings more quickly than I would be able to with my self-employment model (thank you, strong Saskatchewan economy). I like holding them together, using one or the other more as the times and needs both allow and require. I also expect as I get older and find myself with a wife and family to provide for, my opinion might change. However, at the moment, in a utopian scenario, I think I find myself leaning primarily to a self-employed model as my preference.