Leadership is not about being nice and definitely not about avoiding conflict; rather it inolves creating dissent and managing the created dissent. This dissent results from the necessity of changing the present situation, which always provokes the resistance of those who are not – or not yet – willing to take such a step. Leadership is not to be confused with maintaining the status quo. Its essence is the initiation of a change process that results in a new and better status quo.

An essential part of leadership is decision making, and the purpose of decisions is not to make people happy… if everyone is content with a decision that has been made, you can be almost certain that it was not the best decision possible. General acceptance is not a wise criterion for a good decision.

Every decision attracts criticsm from those who have a different point of view. If the leader strives to make decisions so that everyone will be in agreement, he or she is pre-programming the group or organization to continue to live far below its God-given potential.  Why do so many groups never reach their potential? Because they don’t have a leader who dares to make bold moves.”

-Leadership expert Christian Schwartz in “The 3 Colors of Leadership”

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