Your Associations Determine Your Destination

One of the biggest factors in getting refuelled and staying refuelled is deciding who you allow to influence you– and in what ways you allow them to influence you. The book of Proverbs makes it clear that not only will we encounter people that are wise and supportive to our life mission, we will also encounter […]

Leadership: Ask Better Questions

Sometimes a great question is the key to unlock an insight that helps people get ‘unstuck’ both personally and in their leadership. Exceptional coaches know how to use clarifying questions to unlock the potential of those they are coaching. My personal favourite question from the annals of history in the early Methodist movement is “how is […]

Guard Your Heart

Why does the Bible say that we should ‘guard our hearts’? Doesn’t that sound defensive and alarmist? What can be good about barricading the place where our deepest thoughts, attitudes and desires abide? The short answer is that there is much at stake! In fact, our direction, our future, and our well-being are determined by […]

From Devastation to Destiny- Guest Blog by Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson

Have you ever asked the question “If God really loves me, why would he let me face such a terrible onslaught of disaster?” It’s hard to understand suffering…why it happens, why God doesn’t stop it, why He allows what we know He could end in a moment. Photo credit: jarr1520 / Foter / CC BY […]